Is There Life After Cookies for Digital Marketers?

After years of warnings Google finally began phasing out 3rd party cookies in January, 2024. While unresolved issues with the EU and GDPR have halted progress currently, cookie deprecation is projected to resume in 2025. Are you ready for a cookieless future?

The Techint Labs difference

No more cookies? No problem for our partners. When collaborating with Techint Labs, partner agencies see an average year-over-year increase in revenue of 58% for their e-commerce clients. Our combination of industry-leading media & analytics, proprietary technology, and award-winning team make us the experts in marketing tactics that aren't reliant on cookies.
Contextual Advertising

Leverage our tools and technology to reach audiences without disrupting their online experience

Attention-Based Metrics

Increase the quality of engagement and campaign efficacy by focusing on the measurements that matter

Mobile Device ID Targeting

Deliver messaging to mobile devices and meet audiences where they are—literally

Addressable Streaming TV

Seamlessly integrate with your audience’s favorite, premium content across all their devices


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On average, 90% of digital ad buying across the retail, automotive, finance, and food and beverage industries still rely on third-party cookies. The global brand partners we work with are ahead of the curve.

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Techint Labs is 100% GDPR compliant. Our in-house compliance department closely monitors evolving privacy laws and regulations worldwide.

Our best-in-class tools, proprietary technology, and up-to-date compliance deliver measurable results and limit your liability—resulting in an 11.3x ROAS for one agency partner! It's just one reason we're the agency for agencies.


I expect a lot from an agency. Techint Labs is the first agency in my 40+ year career that exceeded my expectations.

One GS Media

Sharon Wood, CEO

As a knowledgeable media professional, I am constantly surprised by the new strategies and ideas that they bring to the table.

Colvita Creative

Sara Moore, Media Director

This project was a highlight of my professional career. The outcome elevated our school and gave us the north star we were seeking.

International School of Denver

Katie Kroeger, Assistant Director
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